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What will it take to live a more awesome life?

Evan Horowitz empowers people to live more awesome lives. He believes that even the most successful people can always achieve more and experience deeper fulfillment.

Evan has learned in his own career that more is always possible. In the pursuit of his passions, Evan has taken risks and pushed his limits. He has grown hundred-million dollar business units in multiple industries, broken records in social justice campaigns, rapidly built his own consulting firm, and invented a new theorem in mathematics.

Along the way, Evan has consistently helped others bring more awesomeness to their lives. When he discovered Executive Success Programs (ESP) in 2011, he applied its revolutionary methodology to build a career out of his hobby of helping friends with their businesses. He enables his clients at Evan Horowitz Advising to achieve 30 – 300% revenue growth within 12 months. And by applying the tools he gained in ESP, Evan quadrupled his own revenue in one year.

After decades of coaching and training, including degrees from Stanford and Harvard, Evan immediately recognized how revolutionary the tools of ESP are. In 2015 he joined ESP’s staff, with the vision of enabling more leaders to find greater personal fulfillment and accelerated impact on the world.

In all of his endeavors, Evan seeks to build more awesomeness in his own life and in the lives around him.  His latest venture is Movers+Shakers, which tells brand stories using original song & dance, to move and inspire customers on social media.

Evan earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Evan’s latest business:

Want to increase engagement with your marketing? 

Tell your brand story with original song and dance.

We create videos that people actually want to watch, and share!  We create music and/or dance in a style that’s authentic to your brand, that gets your customers applauding.

Contact Evan

Here’s how to get in touch with interview or speaking requests, questions about my work, or what I had for breakfast.  I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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