What will it take to live a more awesome life?

Evan is on a quest to make every day more awesome than the one before, and to help others do the same.  You’ll probably find him building a business, giving a talk on human performance hacking, or perfecting his iced chai recipe.

In the pursuit of his passions, Evan continually pushes his limits.  He has grown hundred-million dollar business units in multiple industries, broken records in social justice campaigns, rapidly built his own consulting firm, and even invented a new theorem in mathematics.

To build the most meaningful life, Evan is always seeking methodologies that allow us to unlock more of our potential.  He currently partners with the best program he’s ever found, Executive Success Programs, whose proprietary methodology for brain hacking enables changes that most experts believe impossible.  When was able to apply this system to achieve goals so big he’d never wanted to say them out loud, he closed his business consulting company and partnered with ESP instead.

Evan’s newest venture is Movers+Shakers, which tells brands’ stories with original song & dance, creating marketing videos that break through the clutter.  Riding the company’s immediate success, Evan opened an office in Mexico City, and is currently working on opening a Milan location.

Evan earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Keynote Speaker: Business Growth Hacking

Successful entrepreneurs around the globe seek out Evan Horowitz for business growth strategies that directly challenge the norms.  His keynotes and workshops break through the noise and provide audiences a new and unexpected clarity on the path to their goals.

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Evan’s latest business:

Want your marketing to cut through the clutter? 

Tell your brand story with original song and dance.

We create videos that people love to watch, and share!  We create music and/or dance in a style that’s authentic to your brand, that gets your customers applauding.

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